NHL Playoffs and Commentators

     This is by far my favorite time of year, My Detroit Red Wings made it 25 straight playoff season's with a little help from the Ottawa Senators beating the Boston Bruins.  Philadelphia Flyers went on an amazing run to clinch a playoff spot for themselves but are currently down 3-0 in the series with the Capitals.

     I recently attended the Detroit Red Wings vs Tampa Bay Lightning Game 3 at Joe Louis Arena to hopefully bring my team some luck since they have never lost a game I have attended.  It worked as the Wings won 2-0 and prevented the Johnson line from even getting a shot on net.  Petr Mrazek's ability to handle the puck well really helped Detroit in the defensive zone, also the addition of Brendan Smith's physical play in the lineup really made a impact in the series so far.  The Wings need a win tonight in Game 4 to put the pressure back on Tampa as they head there for Game 5.

     My weekend was made complete when I returned home Monday to see the highlights of Kathryn Tappen giving Mike Milbury a hard time on NBCSN.  I wish NBCSN would or could replace Milbury with Jeremy Roenick.   I like Jeremy since he tells it like it is without fear of repercussions, also the same reason I like Charles Barkley , Jon Gruden.  We need more like these people , instead of people who like to bow down to the league's and refuse to call a bad referee decision exactly what it is or refusal to comment how rules need to be changed.


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