What's Wrong with the NFL?

     Well, if your a Detroit Lions fan like I am; you could say, "A lot is wrong".  We have the Calvin Johnson rule, the picked up flag in Dallas, and now the batted ball in Seattle.  This is not why I am writing this blog post.  I am writing this to discuss what is wrong with the NFL as a whole.

     First I would like to start with "the process". This is the wording given to what a receiver must complete as he makes a reception.  My first question to the NFL would be , Why?  For instance a running back only has to break the plane of the goal line to be a touchdown, a receiver must catch the ball ; have two feet down; and maintain control to the ground.  In my opinion the receiver should only have to have two feet down and control of the ball while his feet are down. Easy, right?  If the NFL is going to maintain that a receiver must maintain control to the ground, then I maintain that the ground can cause a fumble since the running back didn't complete "the process".   There should not be two different rules for basically the same situation.  If a running back is down as soon as he is ruled down (ie. knee touching,forearm,rear-end or any other instance that equates to being down), then so should a receiver. 

     Next , I would like to add that if a ball touches the ground regardless of the receiver having control, it should be deemed incomplete.  The reason I say this, is because I have seen so many ruled incomplete and some considered completions, only the receiver knows if he had control for sure or not.  Leaving this kind of call to referee's gives them too much control in determining the outcome of a game, which is why "the process"  needs to be changed as well.   otherwise we just have a glorified WWE.

     Now we move on to coaches and referee's bad calls.  NFL coaches in my opinion should not have to worry about being fined for comments when a situation has happened due to a horribly bad call by the referee's.   It is time to move on from the "they are just human"  BS and call them out when they have terribly wronged a team and our sport.   The "Fail Mary" , "Batted Ball in Seattle" , and many others; these are instances when as a coach I would tear the ref's a new one in my press conference and I shouldn't be worried about being fined by the NFL' since its up to them to get the call right.  I am not talking about all the was or wasn't it holding or pass interference calls since these are common place.  I am talking about all the calls that make you wonder if a game is fixed or cheating is going on.  Referee's NEED to be disciplined and I am not talking about a slap on the hand. I am talking about game suspensions and fine's levied against referee's.  This would hopefully clean up some of this blatant idiocracy.

    I would also like to send my deepest thanks out to Ray Lewis and his comments after the batted ball in Seattle.  He talked about how players must pay for mistakes on the field and why referee's do not have to pay for their mistakes. This is something that has needed to be said for a long time on Air.  I would like to believe they are in fact mistakes, but some have you guessing whether they are or not.





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