Tissot signs exclusive contract with NBA to make watches

     Tissot just recently signed an exclusive contract to make NBA watches, What this means is no more NBA watches priced under $200.  Game Time and Sparo who we purchase watches from made many nice styles for $29.99 to $129.99 Retail.  So if you want a nice NBA watch I would buy one soon as it looks like the average fan won't be able to anymore.

     Tissot makes great watches (Swiss Made) just not for the average fan.  As a business owner it takes away a small part of what we can offer customers at the moment but really does not affect our bottom line as NBA team items just don't sell as well as the other three  Major League Sports.  Now I know some people will argue that last statement but my info comes from trying to sell all four sports and all the teams my first few years in business online, also from distributors and wholesalers saying the same thing.

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