Stanley Cup Finals

     Congratulations to the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins on advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Personally I will be cheering on the San Jose Sharks since I would like to see Joe Thornton win the Stanley Cup.  He has had a nice career and I believe he deserves to hoist Lord Stanley.

     Although I will be cheering for San Jose, if I was betting on the series I would have to go with Pittsburgh.  San Jose will have to slow down the faster Pittsburgh Penguins if they are going to have a chance.  I just hope it will be an exciting series, and also hope the referee's call it fair.  That being said, what I mean by fair is, it's OK if one team has more power play time than the other if it is due to blatant/obvious calls like high sticking that cuts a player or delay of game (shooting puck over the boards).  However if one team is getting called for interference and the other is not then I believe that this is in error, since throughout the course of a game both teams commit this foul.

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