MLB Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera Perfect Cut Decal 4" x 8" Sheet w/ 2 Decals


$ 12.99 

A set of two licensed Die Cut decals are made of outdoor vinyl, permanent adhesive, image cut to the outside dimension of logo, full color detail is printed with a 3 year outdoor rating. Supplied with a clear liner, clear transfer tape, and application instructions are on the back of the card and on line. Made in the USA.
Directions for application:
1.  Clean surface thoroughly (temperature should be above 50° f)
2.  Turn decal upside-down (imprint side down) and place on a flat surface.
3.  Separate the clear liner from the foggy “pre-mask” material making sure the decal stays attached to  the “pre-mask”. If needed, use your fingernail to hold the edge of the decal to the “pre-mask” when removing clear liner.
4.  Carefully place decal in desired position.  With fingers (or a credit card) firmly rub decal from the center out in all directions.
5.  Remove “pre-mask” at a 180 degree angle (rub down decal as necessary).
6.  Puncture bubbles with sharp needle; then lightly press area to remove trapped air.